Albert Jobani

Albert Jobani (DJ JOBANI). This Inhabitant of Barcelona born in 76, began to mix 15 years old in Castelldefels (Barcelona).
The interest him comes of smaller when his brothers fan on the music, him were putting the topics of the moment in the record player. He surprised to them asking for a record player for his birthday, gived for its grandmother for his ninth anniversary. From this moment to be dj turned into his bigger illusion. Jobani has done of, what in a beginning it was a hobby, his form of life. The music occupies most of his time. In 1.999 he begins like dj in Illusion, beginning to form a part of the team of Matinée Group. His better recollections are of the epoch in which he mixed in Circus, from where the definitive jump went in 2.001.
As him itself says ” pass of mixing partying and the most commercial of that moment to mix house; and it is that is necessary to begin from down, which is very important for a positive evolution “. Dj Jobani identifies especially with the vocal house and tribals sounds, though this unmistakable stamp of his style does not deny other styles and trends. On influences: ” Every musician, every deejay, is a world; mixing is slightly very personal “, recognizes Jobani speaking about the musical modes. He has fulfilled the recopilatory “Gay Day” (Space Barcelona).
Dj Jobani, since he was beginning in Castelldefels has mixed in clubes and parties in:

  • Bucarest (Pacha resident dj);
  • Greece (lido);
  • Roma (Village Garden);
  • Moscow: 3 Monkeys, Crazy Girls;
  • Saint Petersburg: Central Station;
  • Miami: Opium Garden and Jamboree (where he had his own party);
  • Ukraine: Stereo;
  • Paris: Spirit of Star;
  • Toulouse: Village Garden;
  • Lyon: Dv1, Gay Parade;
  • Ibiza: Space Ibiza, Divino, Dance Mediterranea;
  • Madrid: Cool, Circus, VQ;
  • Malaga: Passion, Emporio and Freedom Festival;
  • Bilbao: Conjunto Vacio, The Club;
  • Vitoria: Circulo, 4 Azules;
  • Andorra: Tabola and in the principal rooms of Catalonia.

Up to the moment he has been the Salvation’s resident Dj and Gay Day. Both rooms of environment gay of Matinée Group in Barcelona. This has done that Jobani is one of the most recognized dj’s in the Europen gay environment. At present he is dj resident of ” Pacha Bucarest” (RMN), Zeltas Club (BCN) and of “Merci” (After BCN) Jobani has initiated his career as producer with two topics, ” Come with me “, ” no more “, “Takedown” and “Drunked”with Chus Soler. And he continues being employed at new topics with the producer and propietary of AFTERSUN RECORDS.

Music by Albert Jobani:


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